Shoma Chaudhury is an award-winning Indian journalist, editor, and curator. In 2011, Newsweek picked her as one of 150 power women "who shake the world”. In 2018, she was invited to deliver the Gandhi Oration in Sydney at the UNSW.

She has been awarded the prestigious Ernest Hemingway Award for Political Journalism, the Mumbai Press Club award for political journalism, the Ramnath Goenka award and the Chameli Devi Award for Best Woman Journalist for -- in the words of the citation -- "going where angels fear to tread”.

She recently started a web show called ENQUIRY, which hosts conversations with frontline minds across the world. She is a reputed moderator who has hosted more than 500 conversations on stage, interviewing the most cutting edge minds globally on politics, policy, economy, business, science, civil society, cinema, literature, sports and media.

Shoma has co-founded several start-ups and has a reputation for a uniqueness of vision and excellence in execution. Shoma was the managing editor and co-founder of Tehelka, an acclaimed investigative and public interest newsmagazine, where she steered a feisty team while also reporting extensively herself on issues of justice, social equity, human rights, environment, the media, law, and the economy. Several of her stories, in defence of human rights workers and others falsely accused, were instrumental in getting people out of jail. 

She also founded and was the editor-in-chief of CatchNews, a digital newsplatform.

Most recently, she co-founded and was director of Algebra - the Arts and Ideas Club, a forum for critical conversation, constructed to spark new ideas and challenge perspectives, where she hosted more than a 100 live stage events, 4 times a month in 4 cities, with topnotch speakers from every discipline that impacts human affairs.

Earlier, Shoma also co-founded and was director of THiNK, a cutting-edge conference of ideas, where she hosted and interviewed people like Robert De Niro, Louise Leakey, George Schaller, Gary Kasparov, Sherry Turkle, , Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan, former chiefs of the CIA and Mossad and the Taliban together on the same platform, along with a galaxy of politicians, artists, corporate czars, scientists, inventors, entrepreneurs, farmers, dalits, tribals, and activists from India, Africa, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Afghanistan, China, Russia, Pakistan and Europe and America. Shoma is a virtuoso speaker, both on television and stage, and has been invited to address many forums in India and abroad, including America, Britain, Edinburgh, Italy, France, Spain, Australia, Morocco, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Shoma has also curated and hosted several conferences at the Royal Society of Arts in London and Asia Society, as well as guest curated conferences for the YPO, EO, and the India Today group. She serves as a consultant with several companies, and has an intellectual properties company called Lucid Lines.

Tina Brown– former editor, New Yorker, Vanity Fair, Daily Beast, Newsweek, and director of Women in the World Conference – says of her:“Shoma Chaudhury is a powerful instrument of challenge and persuasion in India’s public life and the best convener of conversations in the world.

Pratap Bhanu Mehta -- political scientist, former Vice-Chancellor Ashoka University, and former director of Centre of Policy Research -- says of her: “Shoma Chaudhury has a capacity to bring together people on opposite sides of the political divide in ways that is almost miraculous.